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The global state of capital flows to nature-based solutions

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  • The global state of capital flows to nature-based solutions

Global investment in nature-based solutions (NbS) hit approximately USD200 billion in 2023. The largest potion of these funds, USD 75,9 Billion are directed towards protecting biodiversity and landscapes. An example of this would be the expansion of national parks like the Kruger National Park.

Public funds remain the primary driver of NbS investment, with governments allocating resources in areas like environmental legislation and protected area expansion. The private sector is steadily increasing its contributions, accounting for 17% of global NbS spending.

However, to fight climate change and biodiversity loss, we need more. By 2050, an estimated USD8,4 trillion cumulative investment is required, translating to annual spending of USD536 billion, more than double the current level. And this assumes immediate global action to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

The disparity is particularly stark in Africa. While the continent boasts immense natural capital, it only received an estimated USD5 billion from the NbS funding pool in 2022. (Data limitations might underestimate the true investment figure.)

Investing in NbS offers a win-win solution. It protects the environment while creating jobs and boosting local economies. We can only hope that governments and investors realise its full potential as a matter of urgency.

Public and Private finance flows to NbS

These are the statistics for 2022-2023

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