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Relevant environmental, social and governance content

About us

Welcome to ESG-edu

ESG-edu aims to make relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) content available to various stakeholders in an effort to achieve a sustainable future.

  • We create quality and digestible ESG learning bits, publications and interactive education with our partners.
  • We focus on ESG stakeholders, specifically those who do not have easy access to ESG education.
  • We align ourselves to South African, African and global efforts to improve ESG education.

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Who are we?

ESG-edu is an initiative of Six Capitals, which forms part of the Alternative Prosperity Group. It is also the sister initiative of Atleha-edu, which focuses on consumer financial education content for retirement fund trustees and members.

Six Capitals Advisory seeks to empower organisations by providing relevant information, tools and resources to support them in effectively making a positive impact.

The Alternative Prosperity Group is in the business of enabling organisations to make decisions that will build trust and create wealth for their stakeholders. We do this through the services and products offered by the businesses we are invested in. We want to be a trusted intermediary between those with abundance and those with deficit in society.