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Environmental stewardship

About the topic

The environmental and social challenges we face as a society are far too large, interconnected and too urgent for any one organisation to attempt to address on its own. And with business driving much of the global economy, companies and investors have a specific responsibility to ensure that the natural resources and ecosystems that underpin their businesses are used in a sustainable manner. Both companies and investors need to integrate environmental opportunities and risks into the decision-making process. Doing so will enable more sustainable investment opportunities and financial institutions will become better stewards of the world’s natural resources.


Environmental stewardship

This special edition Atleha-edu publication was funded by WWF-SA. WWF has worked with the finance sector for more than a decade via innovative collaborations that seek to integrate ESG risks and opportunities into mainstream finance so as to redirect financial flows to support the global sustainable development agenda. This publication specifically considers water risk as it relates to retirement funds and the management of investment funds.